Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Deeper Vision

I know that solitude and prayer is one of the most powerful ways to encounter the world. Being busy is the easiest way to avoid the real issues. Window dressing is a practice of others, but not the Christian’s. Sitting quietly in the morning with the taste of coffee in the mouth, bible in hand and a guided prayer guide can transform foundations of the heart and thus the Universe itself. We are to be reminded that we can see deeper and know wider once we have looked with Jesus-eyes. The simplest of words , “yes” or “no” that come from hearts rooted in worship and prayer have as much power as the eloquent speech of a Prime Minister. I was reminded today by and article from book “ ‘The gospel according to Abbie James Wells,’ by Abbi James Wells” that it took a “yes” from Mary before Jesus was born (Lk1.38). God proposed and she accepted. The incarnation of God’s presence continues unabated through hearts who are prepared to search deeper and say “yes” to the purpose of God in our world.

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