Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Pentecost tree

Jesus left his “peace” with his disciples. There was little else he could give; it was all taken from him. There was no wrapped up parcel with flashy paper and psychedelic ribbons. If we picture Jesus on the execution hill with his clothes stripped from him, the soldier's playing dice for them, he had very little to offer anybody. What kind of inheritance was this? All Jesus could offer them was the Spirit who would remind them of what he had taught and done whilst being with them. He left them with his teachings on how to pray, how to live, how to love and how to remember him always by sharing in that last supper tradition he gave. There was very little than his ‘way of life’ that he could give them. The Shalom gift is the gift of his Peace, Joy, Love, Faith, and Hope. These are the Pentecost gifts as opposed to the gifts beneath the Christmas tree - Gifts of nature, of being, of presence, of destiny, of affirmation, of self worth and integrity. Receive your gift, embrace the Spirit, our inheritance.

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