Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Grandmother logic

The patterns set by parents for their children in the younger years are the habitual center for life. That subconscious guide that prompts us along the road of life is often the voice of our parents, although not their voice now but ours. We often find ourselves returning back to the paths of our younger days or spending as much time as we can away from them, all depending on our experience. The more time we spend nurturing our young children in the church the better chance we have of them returning to its doors later in life. ‘Family time’ could be a key pillar in ensuring the future success of the Church. I wonder if we saw each other as a Grandmother, Father, Brother, Mother, Sister of each other in the church what a difference that would make. The biblical injunction that the Church is our family is an important one. Many of us know that our family life back home is dysfunctional in some way. Work constraints prevent us from spending the amount of time we ought with children and spouse or we are a single parent struggling to be a role model for our kids. If we see ourselves in the Church as family we can often fill the gap for others. It could be that our greatest ministry is finding how and with whom we can be a family member with. Who needs to be mothered, go and mother them? Who needs the wisdom of a grandfather, go and be a grandfather?


Sleepy Dog said...

Hi Dave

I have constantly been aware of what a privelige it is to have grown up in a christian home, with committed parents. (To Christ that is... ;-) I really think that we could utilise each other in a better way to fill in for those who have not enjoyed this blessing, and furthurmore that more teaching on the principle of committed christian parents and the importance of example should be taught. Baptism classes maybe...
An exceelant book on similar lines (Importance of systems eg family) is "The Equiping Pastor" by R Paul Stevens.

God bless

David said...

Thanks Stu,

I agree, we ought never underestimate the influence our Christ following parents have had. I will get hold of that book you suggested. Sounds good.

(By the way got your video!! ha ha)