Thursday, August 09, 2007

Small & Strong

I am busy reading Kennon L. Callahan's book titled "Small Strong Congregations." I am finding it a very interesting read. It helps the smaller church loose its guilt of not being able to accomplish all things but to rather focus itself within its strength areas. You will no doubt hear more about it in the next few days. It is a joy to move away from the mega-church mentality that keeps placing the emphasis on bigger is better. No, bigger is bigger not necessarily better. If anybody has read this book, I would love your comments.


Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks for the link to my blog! Now I feel important!!

Gus said...

this looks like an interesting book - struggling to find it on kalahari tho.

if its really good - let me know, I will try and get it from amazon.

David said...

Hi, I got the book eventually through Amazon. Try, they just deal in second hand books.

I hesitate a strong recommendation!
Callahan fans may shoot me down. It doesn't blow my socks away. Maybe its just because the ideas given are ideas you and I know already but have never put into words. It is not that well written re. structure and he repeats himself over and over again. It is worth a read but it seems to be a hasty put together of a book.