Monday, December 17, 2007

Microsoft let the Church down

I am venting my utter frustration this morning. I had a DVD to play in Church last night and the laptop with Windows XP would not read the disk. Yesterday afternoon I played it happily on my Macbook with no problem. After realizing the dilemma I raced back home to pick up my wife's PC as my video adaptor for my last ibook does not work on my new Macbook. I got to church and it worked, that is until the time it was meant to play. There was no sound. The guys at the back fiddled for ten minute but to no avail. I had to wing a sermon. Now before you get spiritual on my and tell me there is a lesson in all of this. I must just trash Windows as being the most temperamental OS out there. Aaaaaagh!!!! I need therapy this morning.


Jenny Hillebrand said...

Been there. Done that. I know exactly how you feel! Not sure if I could blame Microsoft in my case. But it is really frustrating! Technology is great, except when . . .

I hope you find therapy in some form or other!

God bless

Gus said...

My mac's hard drive crashed after 2 weeks. Most upset.

It wasn't the mac's fault - the hard drive is just standard stuff I guess.

But it's no coincidence that Bill rhymes with Beelzebub - no shame, I'm sure he's a sweetheart.

Have a merry Christmas and all.