Thursday, May 15, 2008

What do Oprah Madonna and Irena Sendlerowa have in common?

I got quite emotional over the last week reading different articles in “The Witness” (local rag). The one article was an obituary of a 98 year old woman by the name of Irena Sendlerowa. There is a very small and seemingly insignificant photo of her but looks are deceiving. This lady was a Polish resistance fighter during the Second World War who organized the rescue of 2500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto during the Nazi occupation. She smuggled these children through sewers, in ambulances, under her skirt and she hid them in monasteries, with foster parents and in orphanages. She was later arrested and tortured by the Gestapo, but never gave details of the resistance movements work, nor revealed the children’s name. She was saved on the day over scheduled execution. I also read an article about Madonna the pop star diva who plans to build a multi-million- dollar girl’s school in Malawi for underprivileged children this year. It is on the same scale of what Oprah Winfrey has done in South Africa. Which boasts a state of the art facilities, laboratories, a yoga studio and beauty salon. The latter took my breath away for a moment as I tried to see the importance of a Yoga Studio and Beauty Salon for underprivileged children, but maybe I am way too Methodist! The question is – Who gave the most? The answer is quite obvious in my eyes – the one who sacrificed the most.


Sleepy Dog said...

They are also all smiling in their photographs. ;-)

Dave, we must get together sometime. Debs and i have missed you guys.

David Barbour said...

Sleepy Dog ...
It is absolutely great to hear from you.
I sometimes bump into your father and he gives me the latest update. I also have a sister in your congregation who refuses to allow me to give you her name! I have also tried a number of times (confess not lately) to get hold of you. And as you know the early Easter rush this year etc. Church life is rather busy.
let connect.. when I am next in Durbs I will give you a ring.

Love David

pastor rob said...

Hi Skypilot!

My wife wrote a whole post about this woman as well. Be encouraged, she is greatly honored! You can see what she wrote at

And Skypilot? If it's not too much trouble can I ask you something?

I'm frustrated with my blog. As a pastor of a large church, I have close to 1,000 readers a day on my blog, but still have a low authority on Technorati. I want people to see this beyond North Carolina, but I guess I don't know how to get people to link and that seems to be the issue. I mean, I’ve learned that this is because I don’t have enough links to my blog site.

Why does this matter? Because I want to start reaching out to people beyond just the church, and to do that I need to get this blog up higher on the search engines.
I was wondering if you would be willing to put in a link exchange with me at If so, please send me an email to showing me where you’ve linked it and I will do the same. I know you will want to make sure we are on the up and up, so please check out our church, and my blog to see if you would be comfortable with doing this. I've seen enough and know that I am.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Pastor Rob Singleton