Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shattered glass heals a heart

I have been up in Johannesburg this last week to help with the
training of Methodist ministers in Southern Africa. With some
colleagues I had a chance to sneak out for some 'caffeine' one
morning and we went to the coffee shop at Northfield Methodist
Church. To all Methodists in Southern Africa take note – Northfield
know what real coffee is about. Ok, moving on… we went to the youth
hall (twice the size of Hilton Methodist main hall) and they have on
the one wall a mirror that is broken up into at least twenty pieces.
The moment I saw myself broken up in these reflective fragments the
message was clear. "You, yes you long one, how many pieces are you
broken into?" Well it took no prophet, no poet, nor any fire
breathing preacher to convince me that my life is in parts, pieces
and many pretences. I was reminded in that split second that the
purpose of God in Christ is integrity of the soul. Salvation brings
wholeness and reconciliation between all the 'push me pull you'
energies in life. The way one thinks with the way one acts, the way
one is and the way one ought to be, the self we hate and the self we
love, the hope we profess with the doubt we fear. Those glass
fragments shattered the words – Integrity in all you do.


Delme Linscott said...

Hey David,
It is about time you started blogging again. Welcome back.
Cool post, by the way.
Whenever you are ready for some real coffee let me know - Lakeside is waiting!!!

David Barbour said...

Good to be back again. Will send you an email with a date for that real coffee.