Saturday, March 13, 2010

My first book on "Kindle" - Yippee

Ok, I admit I don't have an actual kindle but Amazon have now opened their kindle up to 60 or so countries and we are one. I downloaded my kindle application for the iphone (& itouch) and there it was, my first book downloaded and ready to read. It will never be the same as a real book as real books are easy to loan to others. On kindle you can share your book with 6 max kindle registered devices on your account. But, think of it this way... I purchased the book "Five practices of fruitful congregations" by Robert Schnase and it was in my hands in less than 10 seconds. For the "" addicts it was also cheaper. I think I like!


R Schnase said...

What an honor! I'm pleased that your first Kindle book was Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations. Blessings, R Schnase,

David Barbour said...

The honour is all mine!!

I am so enjoying your book I cannot put it down. Just read the part re. worship wars & how we accommodate new cultures of worship. We spent all of last year 'blending' ours. I have some gray hairs but the lessons learnt were remarkable. I would love to email you some remarks if you have the time.. Thanks

R Schnase said...

You may send remarks or suggestions to

David Barbour said...

Many thanks... will do

Dion Forster said...

Hey David,

Kindle is a game changer indeed! But more significant is the fact that Kindle is now on the iPhone, Windows PC's and the Mac! I have the Kindle reader installed on my iPhone and Mac. It always amazes me that I can read a few pages while stuck in traffic, then when I open up kindle on my Mac my book is exactly where I last read to!

I am currently reading Malcolm Gladwell's new book 'What the dog saw' - not as good as Outliers and Tipping Point, but worth a read.

I am also (thanks to the University of JHB department of psychology and human development / tip of the hat) the owner of a 16Gig apple iPad!!!! I am reading on that as well. It is incredible!! I posted a little video review of it on my blog at

Be blessed my friend!


David Barbour said...

You dog!
An iPad and I am ever so green.
I noted a previous article of yours re. Outliers and I have it on wishlist at Loot.

Go well gadget man... by the way your old stock of gadgets can always be passed on to old Methodist friends you know?