Friday, April 30, 2010

"When the rate of change inside an organization is slower than the rate of change outside an organization, the end is in sight" Jack Welch

Quite a thought is it not. The Luther's and the Wesley's of this
world knew this truth so well. The organization cannot stop the
Spirit of Christ moving toward those who need.


Anonymous said...

Is The World to impact the church or The Church to impact the world?

Does my question show a misapprehension of your point?

Anonymous said...

misapprehension is the wrong word. I pressed submit, read my comment and thought, "How odd." ;)

I guess, In plain English, I'm wondering if I'm picking up what you're putting down?

David Barbour said...


The quote was in the context of church's not being quick enough to meet the needs of a changed culture. The church denomination as organization will die out as such if it does not adapt they form of it message blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

Haven’t the message and the method been laid down? Aren’t we just to position the choice? Who really needs to change?

David Barbour said...

My view is the method changes and needs to change frequently. E.g musical forms - which are appropriate for the context. Preaching styles need to be adaptive. Technological advances change communication with congregation. That kind of thing. The Meth church in my estimation is in a place where our structures of the past are killing the freedom of ministry in today's world. etc.