Thursday, August 05, 2010

Struggling to keep a stone a stone?

In an examination of 'Christian work'  we are often tempted from the destiny we are intended to follow. 
Those more studious than I suggest that the first temptation of Jesus in the wilderness was around the issues of his identity - "If you are the Christ - turn this stone into bread"  It is the temptation to become what your role expects you to do. If you are the Messiah then do this and this and this as we think you ought. The other aspect to this temptation (again from those more studious than I) is the temptation to work with that which fulfills immediate expectations - "You look hungry - come on - turn this stone into bread."  It is the temptation of the Christian struggling to fulfill the work of God.  The struggle not to limit ones call to others expectations but only to the expectation of what you are really meant to be doing in your life. Then to make sure you are not too busy with meeting urgent needs at the expense of your greater destiny.  

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