Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A new future

I have been wrestling with the joys of ministry, minister's retreats and fitting in my long leave. 
Writing routines have been rather broken of late but I am still around for those like Delme who keep reminding me I have not written a post in awhile. 
What inspires me to write this morning is a meeting our circuit (group of church's) had last night.  I only slipped into my warm and cozy bed at 11:30pm but there was a glow around me and here I sit at 5:30am awake and ready for take off.  The reason is that decisive and clear decisions were made to see certain parts of the church die in Pietermaritzburg in the hope of it rising from the ashes (or should I say grave?).  The old proverb of the people perishing if there is no vision was witness in reverse last night.  It felt as if somebody barren for many years whispered in my ear - "Guess what, I have fallen pregnant".  To think I would feel this about the Circuit? One will go through all pains to see birth of a new child.  May the proposal of joining the two inner city church's be a blessing to all.   


Delme Linscott said...

Good post David. It's about time:)
I have to admit I am feeling pretty exhausted today though - please may next week NOT go til 11pm again.

michael said...

And I was reliably informed that you guys in 801 only work for a couple of hours on Sunday...

That's great news - a long road to get there, but a good decision. It will be exciting to see how the inner city work develops.


David Barbour said...

I have felt rather droopy all day. It felt good to work an extra day in the week :)