Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas comes to Mpophomeni

I have shared on this blog before my involvement with the HIV/AIDS mission in Mphophomeni, a town outside of Howick. Yesterday, when asking the group what stopped them praying one of the answers was "self image." The manner in which this person said this I realized that there was great significance or lack of it in her answer. She struggled to pray because she felt insignificant. At that moment Luke's account of the coming of Jesus flooded into my mind and I was able to share how Jesus was born in the most insignificant places amongst the most insignificant people and I felt the spirit of Christmas flood into that room like I have never felt before. I think it is those who know they have little who are most surprised by Christmas.
It would be great to hear any stories or experiences where you have felt the true spirit of Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if my blog told your blog that I referred to this post in one of mine which had similar sentiments.
Take care.

David Barbour said...


I agree with your sentiments.
May we be careful what we commit ourselves to, whether it be relevant or not.
It is usually the insignificant that is the most important.


Will add you to my 'relevant' RSS feeder :)