Friday, February 16, 2007

To be a cat

The cat lies heavy on the sill in one silent piece. A slight twitch of the whisker now and then in daydreams he sleeps. Out of this world until the feathered kind flies kamikaze into hard see-through glass – splat. The evolution is electric micro seconds of raised fur. From sleep to stealth that cat jumps and is on that bird to kill. I love watching the cat. He is so good at being a cat. He needs no soothing remedy to get to sleep, a bedtime story or Horlick drink. There is no need for an “Idiot’s guide to kill a bird” for him. He is one piece is that cat. He is just marvelously – a cat.

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Pamela said...

My husband has been talking to me about being as opposed to doing in Christ. I would propose that your cat is being a cat rather than doing. I was hoping for an illustration that would make it more concrete to me, this being, you have provided it. I have a cat actually, two, rather, they have me. Blessings.