Thursday, February 01, 2007

A knowledge that can heal

To know God and to be known by God. That is the cornerstone of religious society. The journey of humble self disclosure and the fervent desire to embrace another’s admissions. God’s heart is not as invincible as you may think. The story of a much loved son wasted on the hills where things become nothing, betrays the notion of a steel hearted God. Knowing God is not just an awe in higher beings, respect for cloudy mounts, and a numb delight in sunlit thrones. There is a God to be know behind the cool exterior, a God with a past, a sad story to tell. To be known is the other half. The daily banishment of pride that holds our world in dark locked cages. To unlock the deepest secrets and anguished moments that lie as cargo in dank bilged hulls. The strength to drag to light the sticky hurt and sting. To open ports and hatch for God to see the mildewed crippled pain. In this religion, in this exchange the heavens touch the sinners stain. Two stories, one in friendship bind the Universe explained. A pain shared, a knowledge won, is this religion with a holy one.

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