Tuesday, April 24, 2007

God said to us

How do I cope with people who tell me that "God said this and God said that to them?"
I talk to God as if God is listening to me but I am not that bold to claim that God spoke directly to me. It is a frightful thing to claim such high revelation, as if irrefutable. Somehow and somewhere in the reflections of my life I see the thread of the divine interlaced in the fabric of my doings. In the grandeur of those moments before lakes, trees, and high calling birds, there I sense the peace of something beyond. In my reading of what I deem inspired, I hear the movement of God between each page. The collect wisdom of many who pen their God given hopes to the archives of history, a distant voice that moves through the ages. The call to belong to the community that draws on something higher than itself. The realization that even if I am not the privileged one who hears God direct, that I will be satisfied with the testimony of the many. To rejoice amidst God’s faithful who share God’s voice collect. May I be content in my own holiness and my own dealings with God and this world. Let me not be discouraged if God has not "spoken" directly to me, let me rejoice rather that God has spoken to "us". Those of you reading this blog I challenge to leave a comment of how you hear the voice of God in your life. I may even use it in this weeks sermon (with your permission of course).

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