Sunday, April 29, 2007

Morning prayer

We gather this morning as Your community. Our hearts are ready to receive your Word and accept the challenge that brings into our lives. We seek not to be proud or arrogant about our faith but we long for you to wash our feet and help us understand the principles of Your Kingdom. Your ways are not our ways. Your power is not our power. We come this morning to learn that this life of ours is not so much about us, but about You and Your purpose for us. We thank you today that You have been faithful to us and have not let us forget the joy of worshiping You. We raise our hearts today, despite us feeling weary or sad. We raise our hearts despite us feeling happy or filled with the joys of life. We dutifully pronounce that You are God of this creation. That Jesus is Lord and Saviour, and that the Spirit of God is at work in our hearts, this Church and the World. We are humbled by our sinfulness and our perpetual need of You. Our minds are distracted at every turn, and we often find it difficult to accept that You Love us with such a degree of forgiveness and mercy. We are at pains to find such forgiveness amongst ourselves. We thank you God for setting us free from the agony of our sin, its twisted lying self and its ability to steal life from under our very nose. We accept and receive Your Forgiveness even though we find it so hard to be forgiven. We accept Your voice of comfort even though we find such peace a foreign concept in our world.
You have shown us such mercy in the giving of Your Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. He died and rose again in victory, and to those who have believed You have forgiven us our sin and freed us to live lives that are a healing ointment to this world. Amen.

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