Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shared property

“The movement from loneliness to solitude is a movement by which we reach out to our innermost being to find there our great healing powers, not as unique property to be defended but as a gift to be shared with all human beings.” Henri Nouwen, Reaching Out.

Our inner search is not a solitary delving to separate us from the world around us. Within our struggling with identity, our place in God’s world, and our prayers with the worlds pains and issues we find the gifts of healing that are there to be shared with others.


Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi David
I haven't been commenting, but I'm enjoying your series on loneliness/solitude. Sometimes my heart aches for what Henri Nouwen went through. Even though I'm a bit of an alone person, I don't think I have suffered like he did.

David said...

Thanks Jenny,
I am enjoying reading the book Reaching Out - The three movements of the spiritual life.
I have also been reading your blog, but I have not made comments... my mind can only engage one theological stream at a time (male!). Ciao