Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Amped Society Stewards for God's sake

Last evening the Society Stewards and I spent some quality time discussing the hospitality of our little church. We each have a copy of Robert Schnase’s book ‘Five practices of fruitful congregations’ and we were engaging with the first chapter on radical hospitality. It is always a joy to be a part of a group that is generative in nature and exudes life beyond itself. It is a group that is not settled in perpetuating a habitual Christian faith but is impressed by the Spirit to challenge the norm and grow in grace and knowledge. Conflict is and will remain a necessary part of a generative group dynamic but it will be as Tim Keller says, done with ‘graceful disagreement.’ May we continue to work with purpose and with love to make this church a place that welcomes all but most importantly the stranger.

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That's an uplifting post.