Friday, May 14, 2010

bits of racism (a poem)

A poem that expresses the racial fear still inherent in South African society. 
The poem inspired by an incident where an aged white couple were taking their regular afternoon stroll
and on seeing a black stranger walking toward them quickly turned back in fear.


Black and white the dreaded mix

A land torn threw with careful eyes 

That walk apart, that pray aside

Two gods of earth ne'er glorified

Two walked an aged slant up hill 

A soulless stride a goal free day. 

Another day, another time to waste away. 

The route was worn from seasons, yawn 

This day it changed for them aged white 

A black in younger dress than them 

Upon the route the other way 

Came threatening, black and white. 

On heal they spun a history learnt 

Back the way and away they went

Who knows the fear of mix has lent 

A hand in all our broken politics. 

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