Sunday, June 27, 2010

Going nowhere slowly

I have always liked that TV programme "Going nowhere slowly". 
It is the kind of holiday I like the best - getting into a car and heading to well, who knows where. 
At the moment I am stationary in Ramsgate but feeling just this - "Going nowhere slowly". 

Howard got the Rota virus last week and thus for 6 days and 6 long nights we spent cleaning up 
all that this horrid virus had to offer.  We stayed in Durban for the week where we could be near doctors 
and helping parents who gave us some needed help. 

I have finished reading a fascinating book called "Poetry as spiritual practice" by Robert McDowell. 
For those into poetry it helps one appreciate that much of our spiritual liturgy for worship is styled as poetry. 
Many of our great spiritual songs/hymns are poetry set to music. If one thinks about it poetry is the first language we 
use. All those nursery rhymes and lullaby's are the way we enter this great world of ours.  As we grow up 
we are taught to discard this language for a more scientific language that uses logic and argument as its main pattern.
For those who write poetry (I am sure many of you?) it brings a whole new meaning to how you do it.  
So have fun - write some spiritual poetry and use it as your song of worship to God. 

Having fun, 


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