Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Electric heart

In, out, around, through
A greyish matter
Bits and bites of information scatter
Streaming – data – news – funny– commercial - infinitum
A wired disease this glossy frothing

Red eyes draining
A greyish matter
Blink and blank it doesn’t gather
Far from things that walk and talk and stalk and balk
tonight at 8 another hopeless glossy frothing

I am often aware of how we live in the wired world of TV cages that help us drain a tear or two to make us feel we are living. The truth is it has divorced us from sharing real feelings with real people in a real world. What concerns me is that today we may find it much easier to cry and sympathize with an electric illusion of electronic pixels, than cry with our next door neighbour who lost her husband?

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