Monday, November 20, 2006

Lesser than

Our beliefs of the end determine our beliefs of the present. The appreciation that we belong to something greater can make us live a life that is lesser. The smaller you think you are the greater you need to become and the greater you know you are the easier smaller becomes. The logics of the spiritual journey are not the logics of the workplace. The aristocracy have no need of becoming for they are, but the bourgeoisie need a name, a vote of confidence, a land, an empire. When we talk of the kingdom of God, it is with this view in mind. We are not heralding another earthly system into power with trumpeted pomp and ceremony. The kingdom of God is built with irreverent things, with crosses, thorns, whips, and piercing nails. A mathematical – lesser than. Only children who know their colours can claim such life. Children born with eternal inheritance and with nothing to loose and nothing to gain. (From that time Jesus began to make it clear to his disciples that he was destined to go to Jerusalem and suffer grievously…Peter started to remonstrate with him. ‘Heaven preserve you, Lord’ he said ‘this must not happen to you’ but he turned and said to Peter, ‘Get behind me, Satan! You are an obstacle in my path, because the way you think is not God’s way but mans.’ Matt. 16:21-23)

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