Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The morning is quite inside. The prayers and readings have not led me any place significant. I sit and wait with expectation for the movement of God. The heart finds it hard to sit still and allow the patient time to tick by without a gush of adrenaline. The life journey is not necessarily a heart felt one but a discipline of will and patient longing. In the book ‘Emotional intelligence’ by Daniel Goleman the psychologists speak of the ‘flow’ as a place of utmost and ultimate human experience. The time when our learned skills and emotional life work hand in glove. Those times we feel as if we are floating and doing things without thinking about them. It just all comes together. These quite moments of heart and place before God are moments of ‘flow’. Not necessarily a bottle jam of rush-hour spiritual traffic but the steady pace of the cyclist, just one foot before the next, pedal by pedal, and gentle breeze on ones face. The flow of emotions stranded not in experimental craving but secured in loving union with the One above all. The flow of intellectual puzzling with all the edges done and pieces in tact. In God we gently flow, sometimes bumping into highs, other times down rapids of excited thoughts, but generally just bobbing in the eternal drift of divine love. (When you are rooted in him, all melancholy is a thing of the past. All sin is removed, because through the love of God one has entered upon a new way, one has become a totally new person – “Thy Kingdom come: A Blumhardt Reader”)

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