Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A wide friendship

I hope to form real relationships with people around me. There cannot always be great friends but their can be healthy acquaintances and empowering connections. I pray I may embrace the multitude of different kinds of connections as important, each one profound. If we are not close friends we can still be distant friends, we don’t have to cut ourselves off from those we hear of no longer.

Friend, colleague, brother, sister, parent, wife, mentor, congregant, servant, complete stranger, elderly, teenager, baby, supposed enemy, real enemy, me, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, creation. May I embrace all these relations with the attitude of Christ. That is, dying to save every last drop of my life to renew, restore, reinforce, recharge, rekindle, realign, readjust, recover, redeem, reconcile, resurrect into a covenant of divine Love.

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