Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The idiot's guide to ministry - I wish

Yesterday I got the greatest response to my blog that I have ever had before. I didn’t realize that my tone may have been a somewhat moaning and complaining one. I was really responding to the book by Trevor Hudson, who was making the same point in an illustration of his life when strangers came to his church looking for the ‘minister’ and the people searched him out and after a long week and night of ministry he was expected to minister to this man whilst everybody else went home. I however do acknowledge that there was some anger buried in my entry. Thank you for your phone calls and emails, I am doing alright ‘really’, but it is as if a huge gong has been sounded. As one email response said “ Empowerment, empowerment, empowerment, delegation, delegation, delegation.” Thank you, you made my day. I had a good laugh, but realized the importance of the training game. This Sunday I am preaching about being Gospel minister’s – all of us. The process of mobilizing people into their ministries is however not a simple ‘tick’ this column and there you go. Ministry belongs to the world of a persons spiritual maturity, past experience, their natural talents, current circumstances and the level as which the church can train, equip and adequately accommodate different ministries. Your thoughts on the subject are most helpful to me as we draw ourselves closer and closer to the service ordained for us.

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