Thursday, June 07, 2007

least of all

An important point we need to consider when examining our talents and gifts is that for some they will have gifts that are seemingly small and insignificant in the light of others. There will always be better musicians, better banner makers, better cake bakers, better knitters, better teachers, better leaders, better administrators and so forth. The parable of the talents helps us by making the point that even the less talented can live abundant lives if they recognize the potential of the gift within them, and use it regardless. Some of us live under the misnomer that to be the best is all things. With this comes a price. The temptation of pride, the frustration when one performs lesser than, the loneliness when others feel intimidated to perform with us, and the trappings of fame. In God’s way the lesser talents are the ones most priced. Paul’s analogy of the ‘body’ in Corinthians to describe the different gifts makes it very clear that we cherish those gifts that are less honourable. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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