Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bruised by the Church? - A prayer for you

“ How baffling you are, oh Church, and yet how I love you! How you have made me suffer, and yet how much I owe you! I should like to see you destroyed, and yet I need your presence. You have given me so much scandal and yet you have made me understand sanctity. I have seen nothing in the world more devoted to obscurity, more compromised, more false, and I have touched nothing more pure, more generous, more beautiful. How often I have wanted to shut the doors of my soul in your face, and how often I have prayed to die in the safety of your arms. No, I cannot free myself from you, because I am you, although not completely. And where should I go?” Carlo Carretto, The God who Comes.


Delme Linscott said...

What an awesome quote. Boy, can I relate to some of those thoughts.
Thanks, David
Blessings my friend,

David Barbour said...

Yip, it is a great prayer to help us appreciate the complexities of this great friend the Church.