Tuesday, February 02, 2010

“A walloping great congregation is fine, and fun but what most communities really need is a couple of saints” Martin Thornton

We might have bought into the mediocre when it comes to our Christian walk. It looks even better when there are a whole lot of us doing the mediocre thing. It kind of justifies it. Saints are harder to find, they are not doing things to be seen or noticed. They are not concerned if the minister is away that Sunday or if it be ‘Hymn’ or ‘Gospel Gold.’ They are usually found at the funerals of the unnoticed, giving lifts to the house bound and many other ‘unnecessary’ things.


digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

I love the quote that you used as the title for this post!!!

Superb! Bigger is seldom better, it's just bigger! A friend from the emerging conversation was telling me about the Church he works for (one of the largest in our country with about 30 000 members), and the Church the community he worships in (9 people who meet on 'Church square' in Pretoria during the week to serve the poor).


Bless you D!

David Barbour said...

May the few saints grown in number...
God bless... enjoy catching up on your blog. David