Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kingdom risks in worship

Reading a prayer by Andrew Wood, I identified with the words "Where can we join you, except in the taking of risks for the sake of the Kingdom?" Why this resonates is that I am doing something different in Lent that will shake up the lazy spiritual bones of the congregation. We are trying some intergenerational worship by bringing the evening worship service into the morning (more traditional) service and hopefully trying to experience the sense of being One in Christ. We are small enough to do it and hopefully we will perceive our worship together differently by the end of it all. It will no doubt ask the questions Jesus asked the first disciples "What are you looking for?" It is never easy stirring thing up like this. You sometimes wake up in a fright wondering if you are doing the right thing and then other times you are absolutely convinced it is what is needed. Oh, we only wish ministry was easy!!

Loving God, where can we find you, but in the lives of those in need? Where can we join you, except in the taking of risks for the sake of the Kingdom? And yet, God of grace, you find us, you join us. In our living and in our praying, you are there. May we keep alert to the possibilities brought to us by your son, Jesus, and ride the wave of your Spirit. Amen.

(Andrew Wood, Southampton District Chair)


becky said...

I wonder what risks are needed today for the Kindgom?


Herman G said...

Been Thinking about "Light to Live By" There is just so much going wrong in our world and in our own country. Truth, Love and Integrity to bring hope into the lives of many is such a necessary ingredient. It is as though it is being rationed to a few. I trust that the new approach brings the truth home to your congregation. I published an article on this on my blog today and then read your comments. Blessings.

David said...

Yip, I hope we will create worship as the sacrifice of our lives to God who reconciles us to God and us to us! It is much easier for us to split into our style of music rather than working on ways of bringing us together.