Thursday, January 10, 2008

Violence in South Africa

I am shocked this morning to open my newspaper and read the news of a murder of somebody I knew and at whose restaurant I have eaten on numerous occasions. All my love and prayers to her friends and to the young gentlemen who used to work with her. The last time I was at the restaurant we were commiserating about crime as only South African's can. We had just had a burglary and we discussing it with the young waiter and he was telling us how he and Yvonne Cosson were terrified of the murders happening in Ramsgate and they hoped it wouldn't come close to them. It did, in a most brutal way. I am shocked and very sad... God bless Yvonne.
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Top KZN French chef brutally murdered, burnt
08 Jan 2008
Dries Liebenberg
The charred body of a celebrated chef and restaurateur has been found outside her home at Ramsgate, where she is presumed to have been overpowered while asleep, and brutally murdered.
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