Friday, January 11, 2008

Song Select - great Worship resource

If you don't know about this resource you need to know! If you have your CCLI license you can add to it and get access to all the music scores for all the songs downloaded to your PC (or Mac of course). I have found it very helpful moving into a new church and not knowing all the songs I have been able to download the music score and get 'with it' much quicker.
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SongSelect SongSelect™
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Jenny Hillebrand said...

Yes, we also use Song Select. It is great. How long have you been in your church? Presumably last year, not a new one this year?

David said...


This is my second year in Hilton Methodist. Come and visit when you go to Durban to watch tadpoles this year?


Jenny Hillebrand said...

That sounds like a great idea!