Wednesday, October 11, 2006

discipline of loving

It is only with the divine Grace that we can make our moral disciplines beam love. Only the spirit in worship with The Spirit of creation that helps us move from a heart of cold stone to a heart of flesh. The integrity that comes from living successfully by rules is cheap and nasty. The integrity that comes by living within loving relationships for which all rules are made is the integrity of a deeper and healthier person.

A balance I struggle with at times. (Not that I am even doing much prayerful discipline, in fact peanuts in comparison to some.) I am just horrified to see what it can do, it can bring hardness and coldness that speaks nothing of all one is trying to achieve. I am assured that it is much harder to love people I don’t like, than it is to prayer - much harder to care for people I am bored with, than to explain the hidden meaning of scriptures - much harder to share what I own than it is to meaningfully worship on Sundays. The discipline of Loving is too often ignored for the vain quest to live only in its religious shadows.

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