Monday, October 23, 2006

Summer tears

A gospel story I haven’t read for some time (Luke 7: 36-50). A remarkable story of an “immoral” woman washing the God-man’s feet with tears and perfume in the house of a pompous religious man. The man called Saviour confronts the self righteousness of this “religious bore” for his inability to perceive love staring straight at him. The little parable of universal truth Jesus gives, is that the more one is forgiven and or loved, the greater the debt cancelled and the escalation of appreciation you experience. This woman in comparison to the “all knowing” man was at his feet weeping, but he could hardly entertain his guest with the least of civil respects. A beautiful ‘forgotten’’ story in our liturgy of worship. Our return to God and the reasoning behind many religious hearts that cannot truly find that place of worship where they “feel” the integrity of heart with God. Where tears are shed in a more spontaneous and unadulterated stream. Where tears are not mustered, nor brought on by fantasy or the flicker of a screen. The kind of tears that heave inwardly with the echoes of primal destiny and cutting need. To be forgiven Greatly is the only true worship known to God. The self important man I doubt could wash anybodies feet, he could not greet another less perfect with a kiss, or comfort a child with a soothing balm. He did not understand the ignorant desert of his mind, the acres of barren worship as tatty as a scarecrow and unloving as a starving crow. The God-man had the Way of building up tears that could flush this wasted land to green. Summer tears that could wash out the pith and ghostly forms of our loveless-love. To be Greatly loved is always to love Greatly.
(Note: Those who were on retreat last weekend - note how similar this is to the Prodigal son story. The “responsible” brother compared to the self righteous Pharisee. The “irresponsible” brother compared with the immoral woman?)

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