Monday, October 16, 2006

Don’t tickle my foot!

The God-man Jesus washing Peter’s feet has always been an “example” passage for me. Go and do likewise – be a servant as I was. Surprisingly, a virtual shift with Peter throws new light on an already well trod story. Unless our names mingle the message is somehow lost. The heart of the message is how difficult it actually is to dangle ones toes before God. I tried, and I didn’t realize what a struggle it would be to sit down and ask the God-man to wash my feet. I can imagine there to be many different reasons why my feet are not in the place for cleansing. My feet are often running away for fear of being exposed. My feet are skeptical of some loony trying to manipulate and control my life. My feet are dumbstruck that somebody of so much importance would want to spend so much time with me. Could God really find time to serve me, to think about me, to care for my toes? This Christian concept is a phenomenal leap in spirituality. The unexpected intimacy of created and Creator around a towel and dirty water. The upset of ordained hierarchy as a cracked heel is soothed. A God-man prepared to bend, to kneel before a human-man. No other Religion I know has such a thought in its library. It is bound to make one feel special, needed, it makes one important in the ever expanding universe of atom and sunburst.

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