Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Jesus leader

I am reading the book by Eugene Peterson: “The unnecessary pastor.” Only in so far as the introduction and first chapter and it feels as if I am identifying with his thoughts already. The “Christian leader” today may have been domesticated by the cultural to the extent that they are not being affective for the real work of God. The church can mould its minister into the model that looks good in the eyes of other churches, and the secular world. The CEO, the expert, the trained theologian, the trained marriage counselor, but what about the leader who walks the path of Jesus. Christianity at its core is counterculture and resistant to the status quo. The leader should not be measured according to the prowess of his or her skills, abilities, education, and expertise. It would seem so looking at the criteria church’s ask when interviewing a new minister. I was in a leaders meeting as an expectant minister and they shared with me the kind of minister they were looking for. The list looked like the list of a corporate business trying to find a Messiah that would do what they wanted more than what God wanted. I shudder at how the Church forgets its heritage to dress itself up as more of a pacifier than a agent of God’s revelation. Look forward to the rest of the book.

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