Friday, October 13, 2006

Unbelievable smile

I am sure the stories of the ancient are laced with a touch of hyperbole to drum home the unbelievable nature of God. The impossible is possible and the creator is able to do and undo the created time and space at whim. A difficult concept for the faithful of this century to anticipate. Can God move you through walls, break chains that bind you to captors, liberate you to victory in unbelievable acts of salvation. Well it was not that unbelievable to those in a century where Darwin was still to be formed from dust and Einstein was yet to grow his hair. An unbelievable Universe is the Universe of the Christian. The hope that the "Artist" can take his finger and smudge the paint of the artwork and allow the unplanned happen before a re-touch. Creation, the Mona Lisa removed from the cloister of her temperate cocoon to have a make-over before so many scrutinizing eyes. The image of creation always seems to stare with impossible and irremovable eyes and smile, but even the scrutinizing eyes will know that with "match and bellow" the persistant paint will crack, melt and blacken and canvas will reveal the fleeting, dancing, nature of what we call rock solid and eternal. It is all in motion, from glowing lava to racing thoughts, so how impossible can it be for a God to brushstroke impossible acts and for us to see its affects?

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