Thursday, January 25, 2007

I will not see

What an erroneous belief, that is “Seeing is believing.” Many of us see but many of us are as blind as a bat at midday. We will see what we want to see. An editor of events, happenings, as clipped as the “Mirror,” as sensational as the “Son.” We want to believe the truth but it is as far from those who see as those in white coats, shining statistical sheets with earth zipped, closed and dispensable. Gouge out the eyes and see if seeing is believing, mute the tongue, the plethora of taste, the ear-drum lax, leper the skin and see if seeing is believing. True light of true light falls softer than sleet, drifts lighter than cloud, more frequent than sun-bird wing, longer lasting than dusk lit valley and drama filled sky. The seeing turn blind and the blind turn seeing in the shadow of the master of fusion, the God-man, Jesus. (Jhn 9:35-41, the “Mirror” and “Son” are local newspapers)

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