Friday, January 05, 2007

Mirror mirror on the wall

It is in essence the fullness of all our outcomes that define us and not the person we claim we are. Some folk love titles and winning trophies to establish their worth. They find it hard not to talk about who they think they are and what they think they have achieved. It is not necessarily boastful but rather a means of clinging onto labels for self worth and self orientation. It is not that easy to answer the question “Who are you?” Where does one start. The answer closer to the truth would be to step back and allow the evidence of your life become the identity of your character. To rather not speak and define it in case we have deceived ourselves or in case we speak with pride. It is healing to be defined by what we see around us and not what we think we are. Allowing the mirror to level us and show us how ‘great’ we are. Not to pander to the market place that encourages us robot-like to put on masks of another to achieve in a cut throat world. John the Baptist vulnerable in prison for speaking the truth questions his earlier conviction that the God-man was the one sent by God. He sends his friends out to ask the very question “Who are you?” The evidence around him, the blind gaining sight, the lame walking, the leper being healed, it was more than enough.

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