Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A measure of faith

Today is Admin day. A new way of looking at spiritual administration is that it is the very tool to take the abstract concepts, spiritual lessons and till them into ones life. Admin is possibly the most important times of ones entire week. It will determine who you will visit and at what time. It will put the necessary items on the agenda that will further the Kingdom. The very engine that greases the activities of your ministry and calling. It will determine the places where your energy will be spent and who you will be walking with. Thereby building integrity between what I feel like doing and what I actually do. Good administration of your life is akin to bringing heaven to earth. Administration could be the greatest measure of your faith? (A lesson for David Barbour!!!!!)

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Anonymous said...

Possibly a very valid comment. I have noticed that if my adin is sorted at work that my day tends to run a lot more smoothly than when my office is in a state of chaos. I doubt very much though if I will ever enjoy admin though