Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lasting friendships

True living comes with true friendship. The Gospel of John makes it obvious that if we are to have the “shalom” of God at the fire-place of our hearts we are to kindle the friendship with God in and through a friendship with the God-man Jesus. Through friendship Jesus opened the hearts of the early followers. There was not a curriculum or an operations based education system but merely a walking and talking friendship amongst them. To abide in the “Word” is often misunderstood as abiding only in the teachings of the bible. This is part truth but not the fullness of living in vibrant friendship with the creator partnership of three. The essence of this abiding is to do what Jesus asks of us. John’s Gospel stresses this by mentioning Jesus saying that if you love him you will obey what he commands. This is because and only because he himself does exactly the same with his parent God. He draws the emphasis even closer by mentioning that even the other part of the creation partners, the Spirit, will draw attention to what he commanded, that being the commands of God. Friendship with God is found in doing what Jesus instructed, and through this vital action we abide closer with God and the peace of God, the shalom, will rest deeply in our hearts pushing the chaotic mayhem of our world aside. The peace of the Lord be with you in 2007.

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