Saturday, November 06, 2010

A beatitude of a world

It is that place where the poor in spirit, the humble, are encouraged and uplifted as the teachers and trend setters.
A place where those who have mourned and grieved the injustices of this world will be comforted and consoled by the hope of it happening no more.
A place where the quite and the gentle people will have the chance to reign and rule the way of the world.
A place where people who search to live closely with their Creator will find their fulfillment in becoming what they seek.
A place where forgiveness, compassion and mercy will not be ideals but the actual practice of humankind.
A place where those who have pure and innocent motives will be the architects of world politics.
A place where all who fought for what was right, good and beautiful will find the fruit of all their labour materialize.

*Part of a sermon I'm preaching for a Remembrance Day service. The beatitudes paint the dream of a whole new world order.

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