Friday, November 19, 2010

Stories work

I spoke about using pictures when teaching at Masibumbane (HIV mission) but I have learnt that stories work even better. I was teaching on 'Grace' and what that meant to about ten clients who volunteer to be there. I began with a story I adapted from "Companions in Christ" about a boy who was given a catapult by his father and told not to kill any birds. It was great fun, I acted out this story of a boy in the township who was told how he wasn't allowed to shoot any chickens or goats with the sling and then a big white chicken strutted in front of him and thinking he was a bad shot he couldn't resist picking up a stone and whamo he hits the chicken. Remorseful he climbs into his bed all tearful and dreading his fathers return. His father comes to his bed but instead of a sjambok (whip) he comes with forgiveness and turns the day into a lesson. It was such fun, they laughed and got into the story and from then on it was no problem explaining grace. We know these things but when we see them work it just drives it all home.

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